Investment Architecture

Investment Architecture
We develop Investment Architecture to ensure that sponsors enjoy the highest levels of performance from Collective Investment Schemes in the form of Unit Trusts, OEICs (Open Ended Investment Companies) or Limited Partnerships.

To begin with, we work in partnership with the scheme sponsor or their advisers to put the framework in place. We can either independently advise on the appointment of best-in-class servants for a particular scheme, or work with organisations chosen by our clients. The key is flexibility.

Tutman has a strong relationship with the Thomas Eggar Group, which gives us immediate access to high quality regulatory, legal and tax expertise that we can utilise to benefit our clients. Their experience of drafting scheme documents and negotiating agreements also helps us to provide a rapid and co-ordinated service. We are also able to work with any law firm, and we currently manage collective investment schemes in partnership with a number of different firms.

Once the scheme is established, Tutman takes the role of overall co-ordinator and manager. While day-to-day functions are handled by investment managers and fund administrators, we monitor the ongoing performance of all parties. As Tutman is independent, sponsors can be sure of best advice at every stage, delivered openly and transparently.

Throughout all of this, the Tutman team works in a very hands-on way. We keep on top of all aspects of the management of the scheme on behalf of the sponsor, while staying at the cutting-edge of taxation and legislative developments as they affect the scheme.

Up-to-date information regarding the Depositary, its duties, its conflicts of interest and the delegation of its safekeeping functions will be made available to unitholders on request.