About Us

At Tutman, we design, create and manage collective investment schemes. But how we do that makes our approach distinctively different.

That approach is based on flexible Investment Architecture. As an independent partner, we are able to work closely with the scheme sponsor or their professional advisers to appoint each of the fund’s servants – including best-in-breed fund administrators, investment advisers, trustees and auditors.

Sitting at the hub of that structure, we monitor the performance of all parties as we co-ordinate the operation of the scheme transparently and cost-effectively.

Tutman’s unique service is built on a number of key foundations.

We are totally independent of large trust companies, banks, fund administrators, custodians and asset managers. That gives us the freedom to question, challenge, innovate and counsel as we create and deliver a scheme to meet the exact needs of our clients.

When it comes to designing and managing collective investment schemes, Tutman is at the forefront of developments. Our track record of creating novel and imaginative solutions is built on a foundation of in-depth expertise.

Personal Service
Our approach is hands on, working very closely with our clients at all stages of the creation and ongoing management of a collective investment scheme. Our team is available at any time to discuss all aspects of the scheme’s progress with you. This working style has led to the open and long-lasting relationships we have developed with our clients.